Glance Visual Engagement: Instantly engage with your customers—online.

Glance visual engagement solutions allow agents and customers to see the same thing, instantly, for an immediate positive impact on sales, customer service, and the overall customer experience.

In this 30-minute one-on-one demo, you will see first-hand the power and benefits of visual customer engagement employing the Glance Panorama platform including:

  • The ABCs of visual engagement and its positive impact on the customer experience, brand loyalty, and company revenue.
  • How a customer support agent can seamlessly switch between cobrowsing, screen sharing, agent video, and mobile showcasing with no required downloads.
  • Dynamic integrations for your customer solution technology (CRM, chat solution, website, etc.) as well as data capture capabilities offering valuable metrics.
  • The secure and dependable architecture behind Glance solutions.
  • How visual customer engagement can work in your specific environment.

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