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November 2nd 2016

Supercharge Customer Experience With Cobrowse

Holly Chessman | cobrowse
Bring agents and customers together online using cobrowse to share a view, and instantly take customer experience to the next level.
August 9th 2016

4 Ways Visual Engagement Software Improves Business

Holly Chessman | cobrowsing
Find out how visual engagement software—cobrowsing, screen sharing, agent video can improve customer experience and lifetime value.
August 4th 2016

Don't Infuriate Customers With Bad Remote Tech Support

Holly Chessman | cobrowsing
Feeling frustrated about the "joys" of remote tech support? You're not alone. Find out how businesses can provide excellent customer tech support online.
July 5th 2016

Building Great Customer Relationships through Visual Engagement Software

Holly Chessman | cobrowsing
Do you want to build great customer relationships? Then consider using visual engagement software. You'll be amazed at the difference it can make!
March 29th 2016

Filling the Customer Service Void with Video

Vanessa Kirchner-Leida | cobrowsing
Innovative visual engagement tools like cobrowsing, screen sharing and video make the virtual customer service world a more customer friendly place.
February 2nd 2016

Healthcare Insurance Predictions for 2016

Tom Martin | Affordable Care Act
Healthcare is consumer-driven, customers are mobile & online, & sensitive information is at risk. How will all this affect healthcare insurance in 2016?
January 26th 2016

Next Gen Cobrowse for Effortless Tier 1 Tech Support

Vanessa Kirchner-Leida | cobrowse
As online tech support expectations rise, there is a growing need to lower customer effort through visual communication and collaboration.
January 12th 2016

Handling Healthcare Insurance Online: Challenges and Solutions

Holly Chessman | chat
Discover how online healthcare insurance companies can overcome challenges to become more convenient and accessible for customers.
January 5th 2016

Why Invest in Improving Customer Experience?

Holly Chessman | chat
Discover how generating a positive customer experience directly translates into loyal customers and improvement of the bottom line.
December 22nd 2015

5 Ways to Provide Outstanding Customer Service

Holly Chessman | Black Friday
5 tips to make your customers happier, increase your business, improve customer service and shine during the holiday season.

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