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December 21st 2016

2016 Reflection—A Year of Growth and Appreciation

Tom Martin | cobrowse
2016 was a year of growth for Glance Networks and we couldn't have done it without you—our valued customers. Thank you and Happy Holidays from Glance!
November 2nd 2016

Supercharge Customer Experience With Cobrowse

Holly Chessman | cobrowse
Bring agents and customers together online using cobrowse to share a view, and instantly take customer experience to the next level.
September 29th 2016

5 Awesome Articles to Get You Pumped for Dreamforce 2016

Holly Chessman | cobrowse
Check out these five awesome articles about Dreamforce 2016 - plus 5 bonus links - to get you through the days before and during the conference.
September 22nd 2016

5 Spectacular Ways Visuals Bring Travel and Leisure to Life

Guest Writer | cobrowse
Pictures and videos are quick media you can use to show an experience instead of narrating them. Use visuals effectively with these five reminders.
September 20th 2016

Top 10 Tips to Get the Most out of Dreamforce 2016

Holly Chessman | cobrowse
Plan for success and make the most of your Dreamforce experience with these Top 10 Tips to take advantage of all Salesforce has to offer.
August 18th 2016

Glance & CohnReznick Announce New Alliance to Accelerate Cobrowse ROI

Holly Chessman | cobrowse
Glance Networks is pleased to announce a partnership with CohnReznick LLP, a leading accounting, tax, and advisory firm to accelerate cobrowse ROI.
May 11th 2016

Why do you need a CRM?

Vanessa Kirchner-Leida | cobrowse
Integrating visual engagement apps, such as cobrowse with your CRM, decreases both agent and customer effort, thereby improving the customer experience.
May 10th 2016

6 Ways Cobrowsing Transforms Customer Service

Holly Chessman | co-browsing
Are you interested in learning about how you can can improve the quality of your customer service? Then continue reading to find out more!
March 31st 2016

What Customer Service Can Learn from Millennials and Pop Culture

Guest Writer | agent video
Effective online customer service requires companies to understand their audience (think millennials) and consider these key tips to hone the experience.
January 26th 2016

Next Gen Cobrowse for Effortless Tier 1 Tech Support

Vanessa Kirchner-Leida | cobrowse
As online tech support expectations rise, there is a growing need to lower customer effort through visual communication and collaboration.

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